Mashup, founded in 2013, provides training, community youth development, entrepreneurship training and skills development opportunities to the Youth of South Africa and more specifically the Westbury community.
Our approach is outcomes based , looking at creating jobs and increased skills for Young people to have a better chance in becoming active contributors to economic development.

The efforts been made at Westbury Youth Centre are to catch those Youth who are falling through the cracks of the education system, we aim at catching these Youth, giving them a fresh chance, with the correct partners around us to step in and help and then to link them on to the next phase of there lives, be it further education, full time employment or community enrichment activities that help guide them away from destructive behaviors and restores hope to young lives. Our principle to make this system work is to form strong relationships with key stakeholders in the Westbury community .We provide a platform and space where organizations and NPO’s, working toward the same goal can combine their strengths to have the biggest impact in change in a community.

  1. Mashup aims to facilitate the acquisition of critical life skills and the development of a solid moral character.
  2. Developing youth’s employment and entrepreneurial skills.
  3. Encouraging youth involvement in community actions and advocacy/awareness through utilization of their newly acquired media skills as well as participation in community improvement activities in cooperation with community institutions.
  4. Strengthening youth’s social activism through a critical understanding of community needs, available resources, and the means and methods appropriate for creating positive change.
  5. Building strategic alliances’ and enhancing networking of local actors working with youth issues.
  6. Ongoing mentoring and support for youth’s development by the team leaders implementing the various programs. Youth’s social activism is strengthened and empowered through community and voluntary projects which we develop.
    This will be done through forging meaningful and strategic partnerships and relationships with stakeholders, its Members and the communities that it operates in.


Building strong communities from the inside out


The building blocks of strong communities are strong individuals that understand the importance of community. Mashup focus on building strategic alliances’ and meaningful partnerships to optimize opportunities to provide personal development and practical skills, with support and direction for youth to acquiring critical life skills and build a solid moral character.