2015 Mashup |

1.Executive summary:

Not only is youth important in the general makeup of the community but it is an extremely important
time in a person’s life development.
Youth are often a representation of the current trends and influences that are circulating in the market
and society. The goals of this plan is to empower the young people at an influential time so that they
can engage and create the most out of their life both in the present and in the future. The goals will
best facilitate these young people while honouring the times and society that they are living in to do
this. We need to consider how we help protect them and educate them in a way that what they do in
their youth, does not have to define them as an adult.
Mashup addresses the core issues faced by the Youth of South Africa. The Plan attempts to balance
the physical and emotional needs of our young people and attempts to match appropriate actions and
events that will best work with the community, families and young people.

2.Organizational Description

Mashup, founded in 2013, provides training, community youth development and entrepreneurship
knowledge to the Youth of South Africa and more specifically the Westbury community.
The efforts been made by Mashup are to catch those Youth who are falling through the cracks of the
education system, we aim at catching these Youth, giving them a fresh chance, with the correct
partners around us to step in and help and then to link them on to the next phase of their lives, be it
further education, full time employment or community enrichment activities that help guide them away
from destructive behaviors and restores hope to young lives. Our principle to make this system work is
to form strong relationships with key stakeholders in the Westbury community .We provide a platform
and space where organizations and NPO’s, working toward the same goal can combine their strengths
to have the biggest impact in change in a community.

3.Model and programme frame work:

The 5 Mashup Programmes that we offer:

1.Entrepreneurship programme (training and support)

Our mLearning and Innovative Business Incubator serve as Engines for Enterprise Development
For various reasons (e.g., difficult home life, distance from school, the need to contribute to family
income, children to raise, etc.), many South African young people find it difficult or impossible to
succeed in or even pursue a regular classroom-based education. They are, nevertheless, eager to learn
and improve their lot. mLearning provides a way to participate in learning whenever and wherever these
students can free themselves from their other obligations. Because lessons are always accessible from
their mobile phones, students can progress at a rate that is realistic and makes success possible (this
has proven to be especially important for young mothers). By enriching the mLearning program with the
input of guest speakers, collaborative workshops and mentoring sessions, the program increases
student motivation, comprehension of difficult material, and course completion rate.
OBJECTIVE: Successful enterprise generation in very poor communities.

PROGRAM:  The core idea behind this programme is that teaching entrepreneurial skills to poorly
educated and poverty-stricken young people in a community with very few resources will probably not
be sufficient to turn them into successful business people. To create viable jobs for themselves and
others, they need access to capital and a strong support network. By creating Business Incubators in
the Westbury and Orange Farm communities, we create a supportive environment for these young
entrepreneurs not unlike that which enables more fortunate young people to get a head start in the
world. The Business Incubators recruit skilled (paid and volunteer) mentors and teachers, who will
provide coaching in such skills as budgeting, bookkeeping, banking, tax reporting, marketing, selling
and personnel management. The Business Incubators will also help the young entrepreneurs in their
efforts to obtain start-up capital, find the right markets for their goods and services, and deal with the
many problems that beset early start-ups. As a by-product of these activities, the Business Incubators
become vibrant cores of business activity in the Westbury and Orange Farm communities, helping to
replace the collective depression and negativism experienced by many of the youth with a more
positive outlook on life.

2.Accredited computer training programmes :

This skills development programme provides relevant skills training in Computer skills, with an
accredited course and qualification. Then combining these skills with life skill training, job readiness
and practical tools to using new skills that are acquired to change one’s life. The core outcome is
creating sustainable jobs and skills development platforms.

3.Matric Support Programme

During home visits conducted by the SGB and educators from Westbury Secondary school, it was
evident that the majority of learners were living in overcrowded conditions with lots of distractions. The
idea was then born to these matriculants for a period of five to six weeks during the matric exam time
under strict supervision where they study following a well-structured time table.

The Matric Support Programme ensures proper preparation for exams by allowing studying and
sleeping in safe, facilitated space on the premises. The Matrics have access to computers, printers,
facilitators, peer support and quiet study spaces as well as a healthy meal whilst staying at the facility.
This initiative has helped the Westbury Secondary School’s Matric pass rate rise from 40% a few years
ago to 91% in 2015. We are striving to achieve a 100% pass rate in 2016 with the support from all

4.Dynamic KO Programme

Dynamic KO Academy aims to empower youth holistically through the use of boxing    training and an
educational life skills programme. By using a scientifically based model of change, the dynamic
interplay between hard and soft skills ensures maximum impact and sustainable optimal development.
The combination of a focus on the body (boxing and physical fitness), mind (themed life skills
workshops), and spirit (mindfulness techniques) results in a truly unique and dynamic programme.

The Dynamic KO Academy focuses on:

1. Boxing training to develop resilience, strength, and self-confidence
2. Life Design and goal setting
3. Future proof your life: Careers & Entrepreneurship
4. Health & Wellness (to include sexual & physical abuse awareness, HIV)
5. Leadership Unlocked
6. Environmental awareness
7. Survival of the fittest- First Aid
8. Global Dignity Day- Active Citizenry project

5.Radio and Media programme

Storytelling to create awareness through social and unique channels: Students learn to create, edit and
publish various types of reportages to the greater community as well as too many international
followers of this development. Interviews, stories and podcasts from Westbury are made available as a
tool to create awareness as well as expose young talent to a “bigger world”.

Diagram of the Mashup Model, in which all our programmes fall: