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Mashup Community Development NPC - Board

Sade Savings (Chairlady)

Sadé is the Dream Programme Manager and Employee Engagement Officer at insurance company, AllLife. An accredited Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, her main areas of expertise include life and leadership coaching, civic engagement and social entrepreneurship.

Sadé is a Mandela Washington Fellow who has been recognized by President Barack Obama as being a key leader in the civil society sector on the African continent. Sadé is currently the Chairperson of community building organization MashUp at the Westbury Youth Centre.

Fiercely passionate about driving the sustainable development agenda on the African continent, Sad
é aspires to use her life coaching and social entrepreneurship skills to empower future generations of young African leaders on the continent.

Sadé holds a postgraduate degree in clinical psychology, as well as a masters degree in NLP and life coaching specialising in Awakening Global Leadership. She loves outdoor sports and advocates for a healthy, mindful lifestyle.

Alex Blackie

Rajan Chengadu

Raj Chengadu was born in Kwa Zulu Natal.He completed his matric in 1979 and started his apprenticeship with Eskom in 1981. He qualified with distinction in 1984.Rajan then moved on and joined Otis,the elevator and escalator company, in 1985.He then joined Sabiem elevators in 1989 before rejoining Otis in 1997.

Raj then relocated to Gauteng in 1998 where he joined Kone Elevators, the company who had purchased Sabiem elevators. He served succesfully until 2013 as Installation Director, helping to estabilsh Kone in the South Africa Market. He then decided to use all the skills and knowledge to form his own company that operates in the lift industry.

He is married with 1 child. Raj completed his  MBA with Henley Business School in 2014.

His hobbies include traveling, game watching, golf and cooking.

Johnny Visser

Robyn Shapiro

Robyn’s career revolved around Compliance Specializing in a Learning and Development which included the following - interpersonal relationships, process and content management, innovative and technical learning development, group and regulatory specialist facilitation, compliance learning strategy and group compliance learning coordination. Responsible for the development of Investec’s first e-learning programme delivered to Investec Group. She also focused on all aspects of compliance (including - conflicts of interest, insider trading, market abuse, regulatory updates, personal account dealing, consumer protection (FAIS fit and proper, NCA, CPA. TCF), compliance manual, policies and all types of ongoing compliance communications). Instrumental in the development of Investec’s group compliance function.

Before her career took this turn she also fulfilled roles in Marketing of Investec and responsible for the development and launch of Investec’s first internet site. Securities trading and administrative assistant (stockbroking) and Retail Treasury - management of domestic retail treasury including dealing,marketing, administration, coordination, research, new product development and retail liability management. Responsible for the development of a nomenclature of innovative retail deposits.

She is passionate about creating value and enabling people development. The world of work is dynamic and ever-changing and therefore relevance and immediacy are a genuine challenge and include the ability to create real learning by demystifying contexts and building bridges to new concepts and new  world. She is driven by this dialectic learning landscape which encourages action, application, innovation, dynamic engagements and which empower and expose learners. She strives to create, design, encourage and facilitate learning and to empower learners to effectively use and develop their competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience in creating lifelong skills that go beyond foundational competencies.